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Lenders And Most Common Type Of Loans

Lenders And Most Common Type Of Loans

According to “any licensed person or entity advancing funds that are to be repaid. Also known as a mortgagee” In other words lender is someone who lends money temporarily to a person on the assurance that he repays within an agreed amount of time with interest. These lenders may lend money for different purpose or stated in other words money is borrowed for different reasons like educational loan, hospital loan, loan to built a house, loan to start a business, etc. Different sources like individuals, savings and lending institutions, Banks, Government etc., again offer loans. The most common reason for borrowing is car loan, personal loan and home loan. The lenders usually ask for a security before the money is lent, the security might be in the form of an asset like house, land etc.,

What we are going to see here are the most common types of loan prevalent in United States. The common type of mortgages are a. Fixed Rate Mortgage b. 30 year fixed rate mortgages c. 15-year fixed rate mortgage and d. Adjustable Rate Mortgages and e. Balloon Mortgages.

According to the Fixed Rate Mortgage, the loan interest remains fixed for a long period of time and doesn’t change. The only disadvantage is that, when the interest decreases the rate remains the same and the borrower looses on the decreased rate. In case of the 15-year fixed rate mortgage the loan amount and the interest remain fixed for 15 years (by which time the house can be built and the amount paid off) this can be applied to cases of short term loan and the owner decide to sell the house in a few years time. In case of the 40-year fixed mortgage rate the rate remains fixed for 30 year period and is usually recommended for those people where they decide to built the house with the help of the loan and stay there for a long period. It is commonly believed that lenders reduce the interest rate in a 30 year fixed rate mortgages than in a 15 year fixed mortgage rate.

The Adjustable Rate Mortgages or ARM is where the loan rate remains fixed for a period of time for example for a annual rate mortgage the rate remains fixed for one year and adjusts according to the prevailing rate. This is the most common mortgage facility as the interest rate reduces when the rate index falls and the borrower is at an advantage because of the same. Balloon Mortgages are where like the ARM or Fixed Rate Mortgage the amount remains fixed for a period of time and when the period is lapsed the rest of the amount is paid accordingly.

The above-mentioned mortgages or loans are usually used while building and selling a house. Whereas the ARM or the Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a prevalent type of loans that the lender might apply in any other types of loans.

Low cost finance made possible through Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

Low cost finance made possible through Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

Building-up of debt-mountain has become normal for most of borrowers as consumerism tightens its grip. Top priority of people therefore now is to eliminate debts of higher interest rate through taking fresh loan at lower interest rate. This however turns out to be a difficult proportion if borrowers happen to be tenants or non homeowners who usually do not own property to take loan against. These people now can easily avail unsecured debt consolidation loan hassle free and ever at comparatively lower interest rate.

As the term applies, Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan is taken for clearing previous debts. This is done through going for a new loan which enables the borrower to either pay all debts by himself or the lender does the job on the borrower’s behalf. Contrary to the secured option, tenants or non-homeowners do not have to place any property as collateral with the lender. So there is no fear of property repossession if loan repayment gets delayed.

The lenders, however, need to secure the loan in this or that way. In case of unsecured debt consolidation loan, the lenders look for credentials, income source and financial position of these borrowers like tenants or non-homeowners. Lenders would like to have a deeper look at the credit history of the borrower which is well represented in his credit score. On FICO credit score scale of 300 to 850, a credit score of 720 and above is considered as good and risk free for offering loan while credit score of 580 and below is labeled as bad credit and loan availing becomes harder for these people. So, before rushing for unsecured debt consolidation loan deal one must check the credit score. If the score is on positive side then loan getting at comparatively lower interest rate is easier. In case credit score is in negative territory then before going to the lender one should better pay off easy debts so that some improvements could be shown in the credit score. This will impress the lenders that you ate serious in clearing debts and they can relax terms and conditions.

Because of the risk involved in the absence of the collateral, unsecured debt consolidation loan is offered at higher interest rate as compared to the secured option. The loan is given for shorter repayment term again due to the risk factor. However, if the borrower shows proof that he earns higher income or possesses sound financial standing then interest rate may be lowered and repayment term may be increased. Generally a smaller loan amount is offered for unsecured debt consolidation loan which pays off smaller debts of people like tenants. But again, if bigger debts are to be cleared then greater loan amount will depend on higher repaying capacity and good credit history of the borrower.

One word of caution, you should take help of an expert in calculating your debts including interest. The expert will advise you on the exact amount you should avail under unsecured debt consolidation loan. This will enable you to escape any debt burden in future.

Finally, to reduce cost of unsecured debt consolidation loan, you should apply online as the lenders charge no fee on application processing. Also, you can pick up suitable loan package out of many offers coming your way. Make sure that you pay monthly installments of the loan in time to avoid another debt accumulation.